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Teaching: Curating Safe Spaces for Youth

I believe that the art of teaching isn't in the information you  give to a student, but is in creating an environment they can show up fully as them self and they feel inspired to be a brighter version of them selves. My favorite has been spaces where my students were inspired to learn more about themselves and do for others: 

Speaking & Writing: Leveraging Language to Extend Love & Light

With a natural gift for language, part of my calling is to use the written and spoken word to improve quality of life for myself, family, and extended community. Part of this involves holding space for others to do the same, and providing inspiration for those in power.

Organizing: Coordinating the Collective for Community Improvement

With the mentorship and influence of Bro. Phillip Jackson, I developed skills and experience that match my passion for education and my value of collective work & responsibility. I have both been an activist in collective movements and an organizer for collective action. Some of my favorites have been:  

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