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Educator by nature.

  • Master Teacher

    • B.S. Special Education​

    • M.Ed. Curriculum Adaptation

    • Veteran 6-12th classroom teacher

  • National Board Certified Exceptional Needs Specialist

  • Life Coach, Certified by The Brave Thinking Institute

  • Forever curious, inquisitive, and adventurous

  • A dreamer, scholar, organizer, and activist

  • Empowering speaker & writer

  • Equity & inclusion expert and advocate. 

  • Agent for mental health education

  • Holding a vision of self-study as a common curriculum.

  • Hear some of my story in my TEDx Talk



Amplifying the light within

Lightbearers' Institute LLC is the premier source for mental health education for youth and young adults ages 12-21. 


LBI is a fully inclusive, non-religious, institution for the spiritual and personal development of youth, in partnership with their families and educators.

Inspiring Self-mastery by teaching Self-love, we offer curriculum, virtual classes, courses and workshops for youth, parents and educators.

LBI is a place to:

  • learn how to live in purpose, on purpose

  • engage in self-study

  • chart a path to personal fulfillment

  • gain and practice strategies & tools leading to greater self-awareness, self-determination, self-regulation, self-expression, self-confidence and self-actualization.  

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